Main Street Baptist Church

Vision Statement

Main Street Baptist Church is an established church in California, Missouri located in the central part of the state. Our comprehensive purpose is to honor our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, by carrying out his command to make disciples of all nations (Matt. 28: 18-20)

Specifically we believe God has called us to focus on reaching those in California and the surrounding areas who do not regularly attend any church, and by reaching these individuals grow Main Street Baptist Church and Gods Kingdom through the reaching and saving of the lost. To accomplish this, Main Street Baptist Church will serve and lead in discipleship training, so every believer can develop his or her potential for ministry to its fullest. This development will come through:

  • The growing of our church to a point of capability of supporting a full time pastoral position.
  • Working to develop as a church into a more vibrant, active, appealing, like minded, and committed body of believers.
  • Working to develop a creative, inspiring, worship with vital and supportive fellowship among members teaching what is Biblical and relevant to life.
  • Working to see our ministries grow outside of the church building to a point where we are reaching not only current members of our church but California, Moniteau County, Missouri, United States, and the world.
  • Working to use our facilities to their fullest potential, by developing exciting and energizing worship and activity programs that involve both members and the community.
  • Work to become a harbor for both younger and older families where they feel loved, welcome, at home, energized, and willing to become a part of the hands and feet of the church.

As a result, it is our goal to see California, Missouri changed over the next few years and on into the future generations. With the Christian influence being increasingly felt in homes, businesses, education, politics, and the daily lives of those around us. We further intend to multiply our world-wide ministry by helping to plant churches, send out people for leadership roles in ministries, sending out missionaries, and by becoming a resource and model for not only California, Missouri, but all around us.

Mission Statement

Main Street Baptist Church believes that our purpose is to know God and make Him known, through our love and concern for the community and beyond.